Friday, September 28, 2007

12 weeks and Counting!!!!!

Holy Cow 12 weeks until we bring our beautiful baby girl home. We are so excited to have our Eva here on earth with us and finally with us in person. Morgan is getting more and more used to the idea of not being the center of attention. Several weeks ago he started kissing my stomach when we said Eva's name, and now he has started to say 'Baby'. Which for those of you who have children you know just how exciting it is for a new word in your kids vocabulary. The thought of another baby is slightly nerve racking but the excitement of having another spirit here on earth and sealed to us is the greatest feeling and blessing of all.
We just got back from Vegas where Jake was helping to run a conference. Now Jake is preparing to go to Ottawa in 2 weeks where he will be gone for a whole week, while Morgan and I go to Arizona for the week to visit both Grandparents and Great-Grandparents. Morgan is beyond thrilled to visit his Grandpa's.
It's always so nice to see and visit with family. I forget how much I miss living near my parents until I see them. I hope someday Jake and I will have left the same impression upon our kids.


Andrew & Jenna said...

i can't believe it! we're back in town, we need to get together!

Amanda said...

So what day are we having your shower? I vote the last Saturday in October, or the first Saturday in November. I think it's Oct. 27th or Nov. 3rd.

Kim said...

Hey Magen!

I can't believe how soon you will have your sweet little baby girl! What a cute name you have picked out for her! Let us know how everything is going. Take care!

Andrew & Jenna said...

you guys live in pleasant grove? we are moving there in two weeks!

Taylor and Justina Selim said...

Hey, I just found your blog! How exciting that you guys are having another baby! Congrats! We miss you guys! It was so fun to see how your family is doing!