Monday, August 11, 2008

It's All Over....

Eva is on the MOVE! I hate to say it, I have been anxiously awaiting for her to start sitting up and crawling. But, now that it's here....AHHHHH! You forget how much work it is to have a curious child on the loose.
No more setting her to play in one place on the living floor. No more peace, which if you haven't gotten to this stage yet with your second kid, this is also when the "stop touching me" begins.
That's right, Morgan hates being followed by his baby sister, if he hasn't "invited" her along he pitches a total fit.The upside is, Morgan is totally enamered with her. It's almost as if they haven't spent any time together. They love to crawl together, and my favorite part is when Eva lays her head on Morgan's chest, meanwhile Morgan will puff up his stomach really fast; which makes burst uncontrollably with a string of giggles, and the most adorable high pitched squeal.
Last, but not least we are moving one whole building over in one week. We are extremely excited, we will be moving from the third floor to the first floor and we are adding a bedroom.

Woo Hoo!


Tiffany Toronto said...

Oh I remember those days with Robby. And then you blink and your second child is not only walking but climbing on everything with the other child. Now I have my two little partners in crime that roam the house looking for something to destroy :)

m-sees said...

Enjoyed reviewing your blog and see that you made a comment on ours. So good to hear from you. Take good care. Bishop Colyar

Justina Selim said...

Hey! We are close to BYU so we will have to get together soon! How fun that Eva is crawling!

The Moulton Family said...

Hey! Check out our blog! It's at


PS miss you guys!