Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rian, Rian Go Away,Come again another day!

Yes this was done on purpose!

If I see another tweet, status update or any other day to day time waster, with a weather update I think I will scream! The cherry on top of it all is that people can't spell. It's not just the occasional oops. It's everyone spelling this way. Can I just tell you I spent a good minutes trying to figure out What the Crap these people were talking about.

Then it dawned on me.... It's RAIN not RIAN


What has this world come to? What has the online Social World come to? Is it really so hard to finish a sentence spelled correctly instead of how it sounds or how your ITAP EN would auto complete for you in your text messages.

Oh where, oh where has everyones spell checks gone. More importantly your second grade Vocabulary.

I am so sick and tired of listening to the rantings of any individual especially our President who can't even read from a Freakin' Teleprompter! It's corpsman! Oh wait may we should start spelling everything how it sounds and forget teaching people Proper Phonetics!!!!! So next time maybe the Presidents speech writer should take the time to dumb himself down so the President doesn't sound like an Idiot. It's corpsman! oh wait CORE MAN or MEN. Our military personnel are not CORPSE MEN!

Im just sayin'.......

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