Sunday, March 2, 2008

Holy Cow! 2 months already......

So it's been a while and the kids are enormous. Eva just had her two month Doctor visit and she is in the 95th percentile. She's 24 in already and is still growing like a weed. Morgan is still growing just as fast and unbelievably will be having his second birthday in May.

Morgan has started to potty train is doing really well. He even wakes up in the morning takes his diaper off himself and sits on his little potty and pees.Hopefully it won't take much longer of being on top of him every ten minutes to " go potty."

Eva's blessing was 2 weeks ago and we are ever so glad to have that over with. There's something about the event of a blessing though that just really finalizes things. Do you know what I mean? She finally feels like an official member of the to stay.

Morgan LOVES being an older brother. Especially if he gets to pop Eva's toes when I am not looking. He's always trying to feed Eva and bring her a blanket when she cries. He really is adorable to watch with her. It's so neat to see how much they both really love one another. Eva's face just absolutely lights up when she sees Morgan, and if you ask her if she loves her big brother she grins from ear to ear and coos like crazy.

I always tell people one kid feels like playing house and two kids is a family. And you know what it's true. Jake and I really feel like a family now. Settled.


Taylor and Justina Selim said...

I am so glad everything is going well with the two kids! Potty training, wow, I'm impressed. We are nowhere near being ready for that with Aiden! You need to post some new pics! I want to see your little girl with her earrings!

Brittany said...

love love the update! sounds like things are going great! thats so good! i totally know what you mean about having two kids is like a real family...totally true. and by the way, i told kyle right after we had brody that he would be three before we had a third. just you wait!! we're super excited! don't worry, it gets easier..... some days at least! morgan sounds like such a good older brother! that makes things a lot easier! its so crazy how time goes by so fast with a baby no matter what, but i'm thinking with each one it goes faster and faster! two months already...crazy! definitely need to see some pictures!

Burt Bunch said...

How cute! Magen we have been the worst friends and sorry we have not kept in touch better. It sounds like you guys are doing great. I bet your two little ones are getting so big! We need Morgan to give Noah some tips on potty training!