Thursday, March 6, 2008

Winter blues.....

Well this winter has been exhausting with it's back and forth temperatures. Leaving everyone restless and longing for spring to arrive. I can't wait for picnics and trips to the canyon.

Does anyone else feel the same? I guess I'll have to get my warm fix from somewhere else. Jake and I are taking the kids to Tucson for Easter, where we will be greeted by the wonderful year round warmth of Arizona. 70 degree weather! I am so excited for sandals and capris.

In the meantime Morgan has found a way to get the exercise he so desperately needs. While I wait for it to warm up enough to take him to the playground, Morgan has found a new love of the treadmill. That's right Morgan loves the treadmill. He has even started to jog a little.
If he doesn't get his daily fix, mommy can count on a day full of tantrums. It has got to be the most hilarious thing I have ever seen.


Taylor and Justina Selim said...

Eva is beautiful! I love her dress! You guy are such a cute family!

Brittany said...

Thats cute...way to work out the energy Morgan! And i totally hear you about being so naughty if they don't get out their energy. Summer cannot come soon enough! Eva is beautiful...what a cute little girl! How fun it must be!