Thursday, April 24, 2008

Oh My GOSH!!!!!

What am I going to do? Jake is leaving tomorrow for a conference, and I am on my own for four whole days! Every time he's gone out of town my family has been here in Utah I wen to Arizona.

Jake made a joke about not envying me. So not funny.

On a lighter note. We bought Morgan a train set that sits on a standing table for his 2nd birthday. Of course we couldn't make him suffer til his birthday in may. Soooooooo............................

He got to open early and he absolutely loves it. He will play for hours by himself. I highly recommend it. He always is playing when I am tied up with Eva which is immensely helpful. And all I have to say is play in your room and he runs away screaming " chooo."

Oh another really exciting thing, for the first time ever. Last week I was able to ask him where he hurt and He said ouch and pointed to his ear. I almost cried because I felt like I can finally communicate with him. Such a big step. I don't think our new neighbors could appreciate how exciting it was. They were like your happy he has an ear infection. I said of course not but he cold tell me did and that makes me happy. I think they still think its a little weird.

For those of you who have kids older than mine, How much longer until he starts talking and doesn't stop?

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Taylor and Justina said...

The train set was a way good idea! Aiden loves those too, they are just so expensive. It would be a good investment though. Way better than watching tv, right? Good luck these next 4 days! You can call me if u need help! :)