Thursday, May 1, 2008

I survived

Holy Cow that had to be the longest four days of my life! But I did it. I survived. I also single handedly put both kids on the same bedtime. NINE O'CLOCK!!!!!! There is just something about needing your own peace at the end of the day. I don't know about everyone else but I need that peace before two AM. Especially when you can't tag team your children.

So for the most part both Morgan and Eva have stayed to that schedule. Well to be honest mostly Eva has stayed to the nine o'clock bedtime. I think Morgan's problem is that even though he is tired he is so happy to be with Jake that he won't go to bed. BIG SUCKAROO! I just want to go to bed now, now that I know it's possible to go to bed and get up early. Now when I mean early I mean like eight. But still not sleeping half the day because we were up til two.

Will I ever find the peace again.........who knows......

Now just a note to all those who have known Jake and I for a while. Morgan is having his second birthday. Can you believe he is already two. We certainly can't. I feel like we just had him. I feel like I just had Morgan and I just barley found out I was pregnant with Eva, and I just had her. But look Morgan is two and Eva is almost five months now. Time really flies, don't you think?

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