Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dark Knight...

Ok so this morning Jake and I ventured to the IMAX Theater to watch Dark Knight.


What a waste of finite resources! At least that's what they say in Arizona. Anyway, I am probably the only person in the entire world who hates this movie. It was ok, and I don't even care about the darkness. The darkness didn't bother me at all. But what the crap with Batman. The voice he makes, uhhh annoying and the lines were so choppy and quite frankly it really just wasn't that great.

However, I would like to thank Hollywood for making the film with the least amount of disgustingness as possible. All in all with the amount of violence there was there was no blood, which I have to say is very nice and quite refreshing.

I also would disagree with people saying that if your not old enough to drive to it you shouldn't see it. I thoroughly think that it is what it is. PG-13. If your kid is not 13 then they shouldn't watch it.

Honestly, after paying for a sitter and driving to the theater it was really a disappointment. I left feeling like I wasted a babysitter on that.

Christian Bale did great for what it was, but I really hope the next isn't pushing the 3 hour mark. Oh and by the way, Oh Holy stupidness with Two Face. And that is all I am even going to allow myself to comment on that one.

By the way I wrote this yesterday! I didn't see Dark Night on a Sunday. hahahha

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