Friday, February 20, 2009

So the Bad day continues.....

Let's just start with I don't think there is a clean sleeper in the house for Eva. Yesterday, Eva started pooping out of everything. Which with her is kind of an event that takes place on a usual basis. Often enough that you wouldn't relate it to her being sick.

Anyway, this morning at about 6:30 She wakes up because she pooped all over her bed, so daddy who gets up with her in the morning, cleans her up and puts her back to sleep. So Jake gets in the shower, and when he gets out she is screaming again, so he checks on her and she had puked all over herself.

So there it is. Two sick kids! All of Eva's sheets and blankets are nasty, and Morgan's car-seat from yesterday still needs to be taken apart and cleaned. BLAH! I am not a Vomit mommy. Seriously, most moms I think can clean up after there kids, when they are sick. I just can't I have the hardest time ever. I actually think part of that stems from my pregnancies.

I was always so sick while I was pregnant that I am just so sick of VOMIT. Then When I was pregnant with Eva, Morgan was still little enough that he couldn't tell you he was going to be sick and so he would just walk around vomiting. So add that to an already sick mommy and voilà, you have a mommy who absolutely  cannot clean up vomit without gagging big time.

SO pray for me, as I begin the enormous task of cleaning all of the puke covered clothes.YUCK!


tappens said...
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tappens said...

Magen! I'm sorry about the vomit :( That really sucks. But your picture at the top of your blog is adorable!
And it would be fun to see you guys again sometime soon (we have a car now).

-Tori (and Henry)

Katie B. said...

UGH! I feel for you. If I didn't have a kid with RSV right now, I would have your kids come over and watch them while you did all the dirty work of cleaning up. I watched a kid vomit at Mimi's over the weekend, and I just handed the mom my wipes and said, "good luck!"
I hope she feels better. Sick kids make me sad.

Vandee said...

It will get better! So sorry you had a rough day. I posted pictures of our sledding trip (finally on my blog).

Keep your chin up. I hate sick kids.

Erin said...

Your kids are growing so fast! I don't even recognize Morgan! I'm sorry about the sick kids. Mine always have runny noses. Yuck!