Monday, September 21, 2009

One Loooonggg Update!

Well, on my last post Morgan had just celebrated his 3rd birthday and I had just celebrated my 4th Mothers Day! Can you believe I have been a mother that long. Some don't know this but Morgan was born exactly 10 months to the day that Jake and I were married. The Lord had a higher calling for us and a much better plan than we did, and blessed us to get pregnant on Birth Control. Yes you read that one right. Morgan is .01% and I'm Fertile Myrtle. Anyway, Morgan was born 4 days before Mother's day, 13 days before his Papa's birthday, 22 days before my 21st birthday, and last but not least exactly 2 months before our 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! It's been a Wild Ride but it's been fantastic with every single twist, turn or bump in the road we wouldn't have it any other way. The Lord truly knows best and in this case better than we did.

Memorial Day weekend we took a day trip to Moab to Celebrate my Dad's birthday. Moab is a little more than half way for us all to meet and have fun in between our big trips to and from Arizona. It was a blast. Papa was not expecting a birthday surprise, but he got it. We went to a new Restaurant instead of our usual ZAK'S. It was absolutely amazing and they had the biggest variety of food. Then off to the park to play with the Dog(my parents caboose baby) and the surprise cake.

Morgan chose a hunter shooting a deer with the inscription " Happy Birthday Mr Po-Dunk
" It's kind of an inside joke. Every year we put something other than Dad. This past year we had been making fun of my dad saying he was po-dunk and a red neck. "Not that there's anything wrong with that" as to quote Seinfeld.

J Man of course went back to Arizona with my parents for his vacay and had a blast.

June found itself eventful! The Toronto Family was spontaneous. Jake called in and took a last minute PTO day and we drove to Evanston, Wyoming. The four us had an absolute blast. Unfortunately, Jake and I found ourselves teaching "life lessons" on the side of the road when some cows decided to get frisky. Jake and I haven't ever taken a day trip just cuz it would be fun, the whole time we have been together. We always use our vacation to see grandparents.
So if you want to know where to go we'll tell you. There is an awesome Ice Cream shop in down town that does gourmet pretzels and sandwiches. The pretzels are topped with meats,sauces anything you can think of, and the whole shop is decorated vintage. Best of all it wasn't over priced, especially for being in a po dunk little town. There is a gorgeous Oriental garden, Train museum, and drive through park where they keep elk and the like for you to see from the car. On the way home we drove the long way and came home through the Uintah Mountains. It was amazing! We are hoping to plan a group camp out for next summer. The campgrounds were almost completely empty and seconds from lakes and streams. BEAUTIFUL!


Jake caught SWINE FLU at work. The Toronto's were put on QUARANTINE! The kids and I didn't get it, but we all had to take Tamiflu anyway. I think it's because the kids and I get a Flu shot every year,but 135 dollars later the only one to have it was Jake.

Thankfully Jake was all better in time for us to go Camping 4th of July weekend with My parents in Arizona. It was the kids' first camp out. Morgan was in Heaven. We hiked everyday and went fishing. We played baseball, gathered firewood, went four-wheeling and played with the dog. Unlike Utah, Arizona has poison oak. So we spent a great deal of time telling the kids to stay away. When we got home guess who had poison oak. Nope it wasn't me. EVA! She never went near the stuff. All I can figure is Eva was sleeping with the dog and she had been running in it, and so she got it.

So home we came with one itchy Eva.

When we got back Jake and I celebrated our 4th wedding Anniversary!
This is Jake and I July 9th, 2005 in front of the Snowflake, Arizona Temple.

Our sealing was standing room only and this is a picture of everyone in our sealing.

We were so happy to FINALLY be married. We were married 1 year and a day from when we started dating. Luckily Jake was out of the state, but our 7 month engagement was rough. I'm so happy we made it and were married in the Temple. I'm also so happy we took the time to know everything about each other. Jake and I spent 9 of our 12 months in different states I'm so thankful that the Lord was still able to make us come together and be close with free nights and weekends. Yes the spirit works long distance!

Our yummy Cake! It was 6 layers of chocolate cake and fresh strawberry filling. My Favorite, and not traditional white cake or trendy.That's why I liked it so much.

As for August, I got a Blackberry! Jake has truly come to spoil me! I love it, Jake love's it. Seriously you can do anything with this phone. The best way to break in a new phone is go on yet another road trip. Can you tell we don't fly anywhere. hahah
So Jake's family had a reunion as well this summer. Every year the family picks a place to go to together. This year was Estes Park Colorado. Needless to say the bottom of Wyoming is a GOD FORSAKEN LAND! But it has cell service so I was able to Facebook, youtube, the web listen to Pandora. It was amazing and it kept the Kids busy.

So here's a little preview of our trip to Colorado, and ill post more later.
Just before leaving town Jake had checked the fluids, but was going to put washer fluid in and just lightly closed the hood. The gas station was out of fluid so we decided to leave, no one remembering the hood.So as we are leaving town to drive through Provo Canyon  we're driving down 800 North in Orem when all of a sudden..........

Our hood FLEW OPEN!!!!

I seriously just about peed my pants. I was laughing so hard! So we couldn't get it to close, and yours truly SAT on the hood. I still can't keep from laughing every time it comes up....haha no pun intended. Mind you this is all happening right in the middle of the road. We decide hey we should try to open it again to see if we can. Just in case we have an emergency. THE HOOD WON'T OPEN! That's right. Jake is just staring at the car and I'm bent over laughing hysterically trying not to pee myself, and Morgan yells from the car "Not good Dad.....(shaking his head) Nope, NO BUENO." So I start to laugh harder. Jake just looks at me and says well let's go.Then on our happy way we went with no functioning hood. It stayed closed though!

The only excitement in driving across Wyoming is the thrill you get in seeing just how far you can drive on EMPTY and... Windmills. There is nothing for miles and miles and just as your car starts to chug from the lack of life juice it so desperately craves an exit comes into view. A safe haven of truck stops, "showers", and the call of a super sized Dr. Pepper with a side of Hostess.

Our little rendezvous was at a YMCA Camp. Have you ever heard of such a thing. Well it exists. Jake's parents rented cabins for us all to stay in. We were lucky enough to be the only family with a private cabin. We had quite the adventure. NO BATHTUB! Good thing I'm innovative. I made a Bathtub, and the kids thought it was the coolest thing since sliced bread! It was a pain to fill and dump out but it was worth every giggle that came from the bathroom.
As you can see in the bathroom the water heater is exposed. Morgan went on and on about this for days, he kept telling me that we needed to find Papa and build a door.Ill post that video later. Hopefully we are just about caught up. Check in again this week to see if I have posted another Looonnnggg upadate