Sunday, May 17, 2009

Proud Momma

I guess I will start with Morgan....

Morgan has been going to school and absolutely loves it. He's only been going for a little over a month and he is graduating with his class next week and then he will start summer school. Last week they did evaluations, and Morgan did better than several kids in his class. One of whom has been in the same pre-school level for 2 years.

Morgan knows and recognizes all but 5 letters, he knows all of his shapes and colors. It makes me really happy because, that means he learned all of that from being home with Momma. Before graduating they are having a big field trip, which Morgan is so looking forward to.

My baby is now 3! Can you believe it?!? I certainly can't. He's a sunbeam. I feel like I just had him and now he's 3. Which means 2 things. My birthday is in 2 weeks and 2 months til Jake and I celebrate 5 years together and 4 that we have been married.

The second he woke up he ran to the kitchen grabbed his cake, candles and matches. He made me light the whole thing up.I mean the WHOLE thing. Morgan put 23 candles on his cake. I couldn't hardly get my hand in there to light them all. The best part was most of them were trick candles. You should have seen his face when they wouldn't blow out. It was definitely hilarious.

He also did his Momma proud, when he at 10 pm the night of his birthday quoted his very first movie line.

"Take my body back, Harry"

This has to be one of the most quoted Harry Potter lines in our house. I was BEAMING!

J-Man as we like to call him, woke the other day and was telling me all about a dream he had, had. When he's done he leans up on one hand, fake laughs and says " It was so Crazy Mom"


He is stinkin' hilarious.

The other day he told me I needed to take him to Grammy's house so that she could take him to see Rachel. Rachel is my sister and will be moving back to Utah next week. However, the best part is that he wanted me to drive him to AZ to my mom's house so she could take him the last 2 hours to see his Aunt. So I of course say no and informs me that it's just a ride. Another thing i've said coming back to haunt me.

Last but not least on J-Man..... Jake has been in Vegas for 3 days now. Friday night I moved our mattress off of our bed and moved it to the living room floor for us to camp out. He has had an absolute blast camping out with me. He keeps telling me every night before bed "Daddy'll be back soon" Anyway, he had so much fun helping hold up the back end of the mattress while we hauled to and from my room. We laughed so hard.

Miss Evita, has quite the vocabulary now.

Mamo = Momo for morgan
nuna = Luna for moon
dinoso = dinosaur
hi and hello
what's this
I didn't
baba = bottle
choo choo
wee = slide

She ceases to amaze me with how dramatic she can be about EVERYTHING! All girl! She loves her babies, and loves to hug and kiss them and to have me do the same. She so loves her brother and has finally reached a stage where she can kind of keep up with him on the playground. They love climbing the stairs and going down the slide on their stomachs.

Eva has no fear when it comes to the slide. Neither does Morgan. HE has started climbing the poles and shimmying across the equipment. Thank goodness for helath insurance. Im afraid this summer may be the summer that Morgan finally breaks an arm or a leg. I'm surprised we have made it this far without a cast.

As for me well I'm surviving. Jake has been gone for 3 days now and won't be back until late Tuesday night. I hate sleeping without him. Morgan doesn't take up enough of the bed.haha

I really don't I wake up a lot and I'm tired the next day. It's just blah. He to is ready to come home. Unfortunately he has to go to work on Wednesday, but at least it's a 3 day weekend.

So that's it my babies are growing up so fast, and are more and more fun everyday.

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Vicki said...

Wow you're kids are so cute and getting so big. How old is Eva now?