Wednesday, December 15, 2010

64 Days and the count is on

!Holy Cow, so obviously i haven't kept up like I said I would, but in my defense with 2 kids at home and one on the way, the Holiday season, living on the 3rd floor and adjusting to a new ward, I've been swamped. I will inform you all you have been anxiously awaiting on the edge of your seat, about whether or not I made my goal....... I did and I even Surpassed it. I didn't cave to being comfortable until almost 23 weeks. I could still button my pants, it just sucked when i had to sit, bend or generally move with any kind of speed. hahaha

So of course like anyone else, anything maternity was to big for quite awhile and I kind of looked stupid, but that's ok. So here I sit at McDonalds eating my Hot n Spicy and large fry, letting my kids run aimlessly through the play area while I catch you up.

I am starting my 31st week being pregnant! Did it go by as fast for you as it did me?! I have only gained, are you ready for this? Drum roll please.........2.5 pounds! I know I'm pretty much amazing. Big Score for me. The Dr still thinks I have lost a lot of weight and every thing I weigh is the baby gaining as fast as I'm losing. That's the second big score. SWEET!

One more happy thought on this pregnancy. I only have 9 weeks left! I have my official Inducement Date and it's 8 days short of the ticker. So in 64 days Baby GIRL will be here. Woo Hoo! I still don't know how I feel about another girl but I guess I'll get over it and have another baby later and fast A LOT to make sure it's a BOY. hahaha

So here's the countdown.....64 days until our 3rd is born, 7 days til we leave for Arizona, 9 days til Christmas and 11 days til my baby girl turns 3!

I feel really unprepared for all of the above even though I'm done with all shopping and I'm beyond ancy to leave for Arizona. I think it's just the 3rd trimester jitters.

Other than that, my babies are getting bigger everyday. Just today Morgan says "it's a beautiful day to play" haha it's only icy, with fresh snow on the ground, hence us playing at McDonalds. Still what 4 year old says that. Hahaha

Well we are anxiously awaiting our new bundle and can't wait for more chaos.

Love to all in this great season and we hope that EVERYONE is blessed their wants and needs this season.

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Ligia said...

You're probably just nesting. Let's have that baby shower and you'll probably feel better at ease. I'm so glad you stopped by even though the charger didn't work. :)