Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Catch up

I guess I should start with our little one.

Liberty Eliza Toronto was born President's day. (hence the name)

I went in early to have my water broken, I progressed great and went all the way to 9.5 cm before getting my epidural. I'm so happy I did. I did a rest and descend and it was really a good thing for the baby. she was born with the cord wrapped 3 times around her neck. Had I been pushing out of pain it would have strangled her.Definite blessing in disguise. But now I know I can make it at least that  far with the next baby.

Liberty is the most perfect baby. Really she is the champion of champions when it comes to perfection. She has been sleeping through the night for months, she eats like a horse and she literally never cries. LOVE her.

She just had her 5 month check up and she is in the 50th for weight and head and 80th for height. We have some biggins' around her. My favorite thing about she has absolutely NEVER been sick. After my first two I deserve a healthy one.

As for the rest of us, Jake changed jobs. We literally had Liberty and Jake put his 2 weeks notice in. We had to take advantage of our good insurance. In his new job he is the IT man. He is the only programmer so he is always busy busy busy.

Morgan is starting Kindergarten. Which I cannot believe I am old enough to have a kid in school. Eva is getting ready for gymnastics and well I just drive everyone around. We did just trade our suv in and are now proud owners of a Chrysler Town and Country. We can fit 2 more kids in there, before we will be on the hunt for another one. hahaha

Other than that I have been a crafting queen lately and am absolutely loving how everything is coming together in our living room. I have decided that am going to do a sunday post regularly and see how that goes with keeping up with journaling our life.

I guess that is all for now



T. Driaza said...

Love the updates. Keep them coming! PS- Holy cow I didn't know you got that far before getting an epi...Wow!

DawnSheree said...

Magen, I am so glad you updated. I was beginning to think I lost you somewhere! Congrats on number three. Liberty is such a cute name.

tappens said...

Wow, it's good to hear from your blog again! I'd love some pictures of the cute girl... and your cute kids :)

Hey I'll be coming to Utah the beginning of October (2nd weekend) for a wedding and it would be fun to see you guys.