Monday, May 12, 2008

A Time of Celebration


What a packed weekend and there is still more to come. Morgan turned two on Friday and then of course we had Mother's day too. Then my birthday is at the end of the month and at least 6 other people in our extended family.

Morgan is just so adorable. His vocabulary is growing day after day and today without me saying anything first he said Jesus during FHE. Major excitement on my part. It's amazing how much satisfaction you gain from your child's growth. I guess I am always worried whether or not we or I am doing a good job with raising our children, and yet all self doubt flies out the window when Morgan kisses Eva, or like tonight lights up when we talk about "Jesus."

It's so amazing how much he likes FHE when we have FHE. We usually do pretty well at getting it done and yet after nights like tonight it makes you want to do even better at fulfilling the commandments when your kids enjoy learning even with as simple a lesson as " I am thankful for my body."It's really cute because Morgan can't say "world" so when you ask him what "Jesus" made he says " the ball." I love it!

In other really exciting news, Friday is Jake and Morgan's first Father son outing. They are planning camping and everything with the ward. They are both so excited.

Eva is doing really well with her stomach to back rolling now, and is finally enjoying her tummy time. We started feeding her baby food and she absolutely loves it. She loves it when Morgan attempts to play with her, and they love talking to each other in the car. That's really funny to see.

I love my little family and I can't wait to see us all grow.


Brian and Elizabeth Shelley said...

How fun! I am glad things are going so well. Hope to see you saturday!

The Lanier Family said...

Hey guys! I found ya on here and thought I'd say Hi! Can't wait to see ya on Saturday! Ava is so beautiful!

Justina Selim said...

How fun! Lots of stuff going on right now with you! Reading about Morgan and Eva makes me so excited to have another one! You guys are such awesome parents!

Burt Bunch said...

Happy Birthday to Morgan! I can't believe two years have already gone by! Hope you guys are great and hope to see you sometime in the near future! :)