Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I've Been Tagged....


1. List 3 Joys:My kids, Jake, Macaroni Grill.

2. List 3 Fears: Drowning, Not having done enough for my exaltation, Not having taught the gospel to my children.

3. List 3 Goals:  LOOSE ALL MY BABY WEIGHT! Go to the temple once a week like we used too, and make our bed everyday. hahaha

4. List 3 Current Obsessions: Shoes for both kids, Bows for Eva (everything has to match you know), teaching Morgan to use the potty.

5. List 3 Suprising/Random Facts about myself: I grew up hunting with my dad, I love to read outside in the summer, I have had 2 kids in the space of 2 1/2 years of marriage. HHAHAHAA

Now I am supposed to tag 5 people..... Melinda Lanier, Amanda Swafford, Joanna, Brianna Dummar, and Tish Solomon.

Good Luck!


Justina Selim said...

Love the tag! I'm with you in a few weeks on losing the baby weight! We need to do some lunch dates with the kids when I get back in August! Aiden and Morgan would have fun playing!

Sara said...

We LOVE Macaroni grill, too. Their bread is the best! It was great seeing you last weekend. We really need to plan a big Wyview reunion BBQ again sometime soon. Little Eva is darling!

Justina Selim said...

Hey I would LOVE to go swimming! That sounds fun! Also, just so you don't think we are stealing your name :), her name will be pronounced ee-va. Yours is A-va right? If not, sorry :)!