Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Positive Side

As many know, Eva had several procedures done today. We still won't know the results of her biopsies until at best the end of next week if not the end of April.

All day Eva has had a tube down her nose and into her tummy. They are limiting her eating which is also causing her to be both pissy and uncomfortable. Oh and on the way here our car broke down.

When it rains it POURS!

On the POSITIVE side. Eva has had her moments of chipperness, is sleeping fairly well for being checked every 30 minutes and was soothed to sleep tonight when we found a Grand Piano that you are allowed to play. Jake was rocking out Beauty and the Beast, and Jazzed up some hymns.

Eva will be having a Cystic Fibrosis test done in the morning and that's all we have for now.

Thanks to everyone who prayed for our Family

Love the Toronto's


Sharon said...

Little Eva is in my prayers as are you and Jacob. Keep me updated and let me know if I can do anything for you.

Justina Selim said...

We will be praying for little Eva. I must have missed the post that said she getting surgery! Let me know if I can help u!

The Moulton Family said...

We wish we could come visit you!!! Of course we will pray for Eva, and we miss you guys!!

Katie B. said...

Oh man! What a trooper. You keep up the positivity, she probably needs it. We love you guys. Call me if you need anything.

The Crazy Morgans said...

we'll keep you guys in our prayers!!!
Hope Easter Weekend is a fun one!!

Lyndsey said...

I'm so sorry that Eva is having a hard time right now. If we can help you in any way, please, please, please, let us know.