Friday, April 24, 2009

SO the Toronot's are now LOST!!!!

I don't know who's crazy idea it was for us to start watching LOST, especially when we've never seen an episode. I'm sure it was mine,but Jake and I have seriously watched 2 SEASONS this week. No, you read that one right. We just started the 4th season last night at 11:30 and we have already seen 3 episodes.

Seriously, I think my obsession is getting to be sick. I can't stop with just one. I recommend it though. It never ceases to amaze me. So I guess it's official, we have broken the cycle and Jake and I now have an ABC show that we watch.

When we lived in Married housing we had all of these retarded stations between FOX and ABC that I would forget that anything decent was on past channel 13. Funny I know, but if you have ever experienced BYU cable you know exactly what it is I'm saying. We had something like 8 BYU TV stations. Two in English and the others were random languages. There was a station that played Japanese Soaps, which was funny cuz they aren't modern in any way, it's all very crouching Tiger. I think my favorite retarded stations were the LIVE FEED NASA channels, and a little thing I like to call the RAINBOW stations.

Yep more BYU TV in MORE LANGUAGES, except when there isn't anything they need to broadcast on ie. Conference then it becomes a Rainbow station, which is the beautifully colored striped screen playing BYU RADIO. Are we getting a theme here?

Anyway, the point is Jake and I are huge FOX people. I have watched Prison Break since the beginning I'm a diehard and I'm so sad it's ending in 4 more episodes. American Idol, HOUSE, Bones, Lie to Me, Hell's Kitchen, Prison Break. You name it and it's FOX we probably watch it, At least I do, well except that new retarded show DOLLHOUSE. BLAH, retarded, the commercials for that one from day one has said " I'm a guy show, skanky girls run around with no real purpose except for BOOBS to flop about"

Lucky for me Jake has no interest in watching other girls, run around. HAHAHAH I know Right!

Anyway, that's been our stress reliever around here, wish us luck on Finishing Season 4, I'm sure we will be watching Season 5 by the end of the weekend. Good thing Church isn't until 11.


Katie B. said...

I'm way into Bones, waiting for the last season of Prison Break to come out so we can Netflix it, and as for LOST... I have to wait to hear if it ends good before I get involved in it again. Sometimes I need some closure, and I just wasn't getting it.

The Lanier Family said...

I'm so sad for Idol ending soon:( Boo! I'm going to need new tv shows for Tuesday and Wednesday. Who are you hoping will win?? I'm hoping for Danny...but I really like Adam and Kris too!!! What a good season!!!