Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm Not Touching You

Does anyone remember those Sunny D commercials where the brother and sister are picking on each other. The brother would hold his hand up or point his finger at his sister but be just far enough from not touching and he would say " Im not touching you"

Well Eva does this to Morgan. It's kind of funny. She holds her hand up in front of Morgan's face and he yells "don't" slaps her hand away. Eva starts laughing and just does it all over again. The whole time she's never actually touched him.

Another thing they've started doing is yelling at each other. Morgan we'll say "No it's mine" followed by Eva grabbing said item and yelling "NO" they'll go backandforth like that for one or two minutes before they both just burst out laughing.

These two seriously are out of control.


Katie B. said...

Ha Ha! I want to see her do it!

Justina Selim said...

i remember those commercials! HAha! I can also remember doing that to my little sisters!

Burt Bunch said...

That is so funny! Your kids are so cute Magen!