Monday, May 11, 2009

Look Mommy: Moroni, Star Wars!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jake and I have had a very busy month. Morgan spent two whole weeks in Arizona while Eva was busy with her tests. We've had some pretty rough spots since Morgan has been back. He has been very busy testing Mom's line of Defense. After three weeks he has found out the hard way that yes indeed the rules did not change while he was away, and he must behave.

He's also started back at school. Despite his age the teacher felt he should be in the older class. Morgan gets along great with everyone and his teacher Miss Whitney said "Mr. Popularity."

Morgan's been missing his Grandpa's, and asks everyday if we can "Go for a ride," that's what I tell him when we are going to be in the car for a while. He's also been obsessed with camping lately and is trying with all his might to get Jake to sleep in the Cabelas parking lot. The kids love Cabelas. It's one of Morgan's favorite places to have lunch with Daddy. Eva squeals every time we walk in the door. She loves the animals, and absolutely flips out when we walk through the fish tunnel.

Eva is definitely our Drama Queen. Half of the time you don't know how bad she is actually hurt, if at all. She just cries and cries and cries. But she is most definitely mine. She loves to shop. She loves clothes and shoes, the pretzel at the mall. Momma is in pure heaven with her little shopping baby.

We have been focusing a lot on Temples this month, just like last month. Eva for the first time this week said Temple as plain as day. We were so excited as we always are when she learns a new word. Morgan's been very concerned about not knowing what comes out of Moroni's trumpet.


I may have inadvertently started fake trumpeting the Star Wars theme song, and when he asked me the name of the song Moroni plays I said "Star Wars"


So now Morgan tells people every chance he gets about Moroni and his Star wars playing trumpet. One day he will laugh about it I'm sure. Just goes to show how careful you have to be.

We have made progress with Eva. The Blessing of being stern with the Idiot Resident is that I get a personal phone call from the ENT every time a new result comes in.

Eva has Sleep Apnea. Which is good and bad. At least we have a starting point. When her scopes were done, structurally everything was fine. So it's odd that she has Apnea. However, this means that whatever is causing this is also causing the noise she makes during the day.

Right now we are waiting to discuss all of this with a pulmonologist where he will of course run more tests, but we will also decide whether or not surgery or an oxygen mask is the right treatment for the apnea. Unfortunately the ENT thinks that Surgery may be the way to go, since during her sleep study she had forced oxygen on her and her oxygen saturation was still really low.

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The Driaza Jrs. said...

That is too funny about Moroni & the Star Wars song! lol. He will definitely get a kick out of that later in life! Sweet Ava...I'm sure it kills to do so many test! Hopefully in the long run, this "testing" era will be but a short moment in her life! We love you guys!