Sunday, August 14, 2011

Something I like to call "Sundates"

Ever have a day where the entire day you are updating your status in your head.

I always seem to be doing this but never really remember to do it. That being said I'm always laughing to myself because of what I have said.

Like today...

I sit down and think proudly to myself...we made it to Sacrament, the kids aren't killing one another, Jake and I didn't yell at each other(hard to believe i know) there's time to breathe....laugh to self...I even shaved my legs then I look down to admire my handy work and notice I missed a whole strip in the middle of my leg!

so here's my update.... Made it to church on time, so proud of myself then i saw the strip of hair left on my leg and realized today was a big FAIL.


Clark and Kristen Daniels said...

I laughed so hard at this! I totally relate big time!

Ligia said...

You're not noticing how smooth the rest of your leg is.