Monday, August 29, 2011

Big Changes

I don't know that I'm ready for them, but they are here and coming fast!
Morgan starts Kindergarten tomorrow! I can't believe my baby is old enough to be in school. The sad thing is, before I know it he will be in first grade and gone all day not just the 2 hours and 45 minutes this year.
He's so grown up, and I am definitely being paid back. I was NOT a bad kid, or even a teenager that caused a lot of problems. But I was REALLY good at rolling my eyes. That little twerp of mine, is rolling his eyes at me. He hates it when I tell him he can't do something, and just last week my ever so polite kid that I hardly have to get after about anything, called me "Lame" What!?!
I thought the Tude would be coming from my already to much of a personality Daughter! She may have her run for her money.
On top of that Eva is starting pre-school. We decided to bite the bullet and pay for her to be out of my hair. In between the days she has school she will be going to Ballet and they are all morning classes. School and ballet will both start at 9 all week long. I see my gas bill going up. At least the school and dance studio are within a few miles of our house.
So It's just me and Miss Liberty for a couple hours a day four days a week.
Exciting I guess but I don't know what I will do with myself. Did I mention Morgan got new glasses. oh boy! I guess we will see how all this goes.
I am for sure not looking forward to getting to school for 745 every morning and having to drag the other 2 with me since Jake will have already left for work. I am not a morning person, never really have been. I could always get up and get to early morning seminary and school, but now that I have spent 6 years just "chillin" getting up is gonna be HARD to do!

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T. Driaza said...

Getting up IS so hard to do! I'm not a morning person either, but you tend to get use to it after a bit. Remember, CARPOOLING! We'll work it out. ;)