Sunday, June 1, 2008



Well I just realized that I didn't give any specifics about Morgan's Birthday. Well first we took him to PF Chang's and he gorged himself on rice, crab wontons, and THE GREAT WALL OF CHOCOALTE!!!!! Then we of course had to presents.

Morgan got a ton of books, I think like 60 in all, then his Great- Yaya bought him this really really annoying dog that barks and rolls across the floor. Of course it is like one his favorite things to play, and is on my top ten things I am praying for the batteries to die.

So if you have never been to PF Chang's or you have never ordered the GREAT WALL OF CHOCOLATE you are so missing out. It has to be some of the best chocolate cake ever and it sits on this enormous plate of homemade raspberry sauce. I am telling you it's divine. 

Anyway, yesterday was my birthday, and I turned the big 23! WOO HOO! So I of course wanted to go to PF Chang's. Dinner was great! NO KIDS! Jake and I sat at our table for like 2 hours, then we raced to Nordstroms for me to buy some Make-up for my birthday. You have to love the expensive stuff, then it was off to the theater for Prince Caspian.  Oh my goodness, it was so good. Loud, but Good.

Jake: "There is no need for this assault on our eardrums"

Me: "Can I quote you on that"

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Justina Selim said...

Happy Bday to both! The great wall of chocolate is amazing! I love it! What kind of makeup did u get? I love MAC! You have to try it if you haven't yet!