Sunday, March 15, 2009

O Holy Sickness......

Is anyone else feeling the blows of seasons changing? We sure are. I feel like we start to get better and then it gets cold outside.....WE GET SICK......we start to get and then it's warm outside.........WE GET SICK

Now Eva has the most disgusting nose I have ever seen, thank goodness for vicks! seriously we bought this tiny little vapors fan that blows cherry menthol on Eva while she sleeps and it does wonders. She doesn't cough all night and she doesn't wake up all nasty crusty nose either.

I love the snow and winter, but as of late with all this dorky on again off again relationship we have been having with the cold front, warm front, highs and low pressures I could absolutely scream.

It needs to be spring. I'm ready for trips to the baseball field, Frisbee, ice cream shops and late night visits to the dollar theater.

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Clark and Kristen Daniels said...

HA I found you....this is Kristen by the way just in case you wern't sure. Add me to your list of faves