Sunday, June 1, 2008

I am Grateful For.....

Okay, so as apart of a new Toronto tradition we will be posting a Sunday Family post, about our gratitude and thoughts on different topics.

This is Jacob. I guess since it''s Our Little Life, not Magen's little life, I'll participate, and not too unwillingingly :). I say unwillingly not because I'm unwilling but because I am not used to doing this. It's like trudging through thick, sticky mud: I'm working against force of habit, and it's the habit of ignoring this blog thingy that I'm posting to.

And that's what I'm grateful for: a wife who knows me and loves me -- and us -- enough to push me into doing things I wouldn't normally do. I'm grateful for our amazing date last night -- what a slacker I am! I'm grateful for Tiana who took care of our kids last night. Man, thank you! It felt so freeing to not have to care for our children, and it allowed us to focus on just the two of us. It was nice. I haven't felt that for a long time :)

My kids are really wonderful. Morgan has pure, heartfelt laughter that makes me envy the carefree joy of childhood. I just think of him speeding through the house laughing all the way, and then stooping down to talk to Eva, making her laugh. There's something so sweet about them. Thank goodness for children to help me grow up and be a man, to help me learn self-restraint and patience. But more than that, it's wonderful having them because it's wonderful having them, because they are at once a part of me and apart from me.

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Justina Selim said...

Taylor would agree on ignoring the blog thing! haha, great post!