Sunday, June 15, 2008

I am Thankful For.....

Today I am thankful for Fathers. Jake is the best Father and Husband anyone could ask for. I couldn't have picked a better person to spend Eternity with. Jake is always willing to help me and the kids whenever we need him.

His sacrifice for us means the world to me. Time away at work, and peace and quiet at home are just a couple of things he has to sacrifice. I am thankful for his Priesthood, that he is worthy to hold the priesthood and actively helps me to teach our children.

FHE is sometimes a hard thing to do in our home, but Jake is patient and understanding. Taking the time to teach simple gospel principles that will allow Morgan to have a full and better knowledge of  the temple and the covenants he will someday make.

I posted earlier about Morgan and his prayers. Well He now says a whole prayer, most of which Jake and I don't understand, but we always catch Jesus, this day, Eva and Amen.

I'm thankful for his love of the gospel and his passion to teach our children to love and obey their Savior.

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Justina Selim said...

So sweet, Happy Fathers day! Hope you guys had a fun day!