Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Poor Baby Boy!

Well today I managed to venture out of the house for one of the kids' many Doctor appointments. Of course I still arrived 10 minutes late. An almost usual occurrence for us. Thank heavens for that 15 minute grace period for all of the Doctors we see. If it weren't for that we would be doing a lot of cancellation fees and rescheduling. Anyway, today I took Morgan to see the Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor.

Morgan has a lot of what they call " Negative Pressure" in his ears. They apply pressure in the ear canal to see how much give the ear drum has in order to determine what kind of treatment to give. Needless to say Morgan has no give. In fact the Doctor noticed while taking pictures of his ear drum that during one of his last ear infections he broke his ear drum and it has started to heal.

So for the last year there has been a list of things I have been complaining about to his regular physician. Waking up at night, but almost immediately going back to sleep, but when he's up he complains about different parts of his body, a half choking noise he makes while sleeping, unexplained all the time coughing and draining . And so much more. Well the Doctor said that once his tubes are in place a majority of his symptoms I have been complaining about will be gone. Can you believe just putting tubes in his ear will make him sleep straight through the night.

Oh I forgot. The E.N.T. said you can tell this kid sees the Dr a lot for his ears. Because, Morgan just turned his head each way for them to look and just sat there like nothing was even happening, and Morgan who just stopped taking an antibiotic  3 weeks ago is starting another infection. BLAH! My poor baby.

I can't believe no one even noticed his ear drum burst during an infection and didn't think to say hey I think he should see a specialist. All the while my baby has been suffering as well as the rest of us. So infuriating!

On a different note:

Friday, Eva has her 6 month check up and shots. Hopefully she has put on some pounds. Her being on Soy milk hasn't really helped her with the weight gain, but I'm sure hoping that all of the sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, peaches, butternut squash and pears has helped pack on the pounds.

I guess that's all for now on my update.

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